From the archives, this time-lapse from October 2021 was when I was making a test print of the original case design of the Mister MultiSystem.

This did push my CR30 a bit as it doesn't like prints that are too wide on the belt - you'll notice prints curl a bit on the left hand side.

At the time I thought it was a draught but not 100% certain.

Total print time 1 day 15.5 hours to print everything for the case.

A benefit of a belt printer.

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Here's a pic of what it looked like after a few more tweaks.

This print was still a bit rough - that case wasn't designed for belt printers but more traditional ones.

You'll notice in the pic there's a slice underneath the case. This is one of my own designs to add an expansion unit to the MMS case.

Note: RMC now have their own slice options which you might have seen in today's Video.

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