I honestly wouldn't know how to work in this summer without that portable AC of mine... Yes, it costs power. But I only run it when I'm working, only in the office, only to a 25°C target, and it's the most climate friendly option I could find back in 2019 too (R290).

Really happy about an efficiency improvement today! Took the Flir One & scanned my setup for heat creep. Turns out the outlet is fairly well isolated, but the hose turned out to be leaking some air & also radiating heat. Duct tape + blanket ftw! Achieving 10+°C difference now!

And thanks to everyone who pushed me in the direction of a dual hose conversion again. I'm still not convinced I can make that work in my room & window layout, but considering the heat & energy prices these days I'm going to give it my hardest try. Wish me luck.

Definitely consider this (accidental*) dip to 23.4°C with an outside temperature at 34.5°C (measured on the north facing front) my biggest win of today! 😊

* Why accidental? Too low target temperature set 😬 Doesn't exclusively happen with 3d printers 😅

@foosel Oh that's cool! A Graphana dashboard of temperatures around your house?!

How are you collecting the data? Do you have any device recommendations?

@tim I really need to write a blog post about my home automation setup 😅

I have a Home Assistance instance running that interfaces with some self built sensor hardware (ESP8266 + BME680, powered by ESP Home) as well as off the shelf stuff (mostly Zigbee based Aqara multi sensors via Zigbee2MQTT). HA then pushes various data into an InfluxDB from which I then graph it via Grafana. Below is a screenshot of the whole environment dashboard.


@foosel @tim zigbee interface connected to a PI 4's Serial/GPIO pins. Zigbee2mqtt & rabbitmq.

Gave up on the standard stuff so got my own code written in go handling most of the automation although zigbee2mqtt does handle some scenes.

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