Hmm, deliveroo didn't deliver.

They said they waited for 6 minutes but they were definitely not here.

Map actually showed them about 1/2 mile away.

Also I have Ring doorbell & nothing shown, so they can't say otherwise

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@peter It is bad enough when things "go wrong", or there is some unforeseen delay, but why really winds me up is when they just lie to cover it up - that is what I really hate.

@revk Oh yeah a delay or the wrong order sent does happen at times.

It is when they say they've delivered or say cannot find the place gets me.

This place is 122 years old so they can't say it's a new place.

That said, 15+ years ago I had one say the address didn't exist. That place had only been there since the time when the Tudors were in power

@peter Our place is a similar age (we think around 189X). Have once had someone "not find" it, and on on occasion say "your name was not in the resident list" - WTAF?

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