Just spent the last couple of hours making updates to the house 🏡 & yes that did involve apt 🤣

Took a bit longer than usual as I wanted to try to fix the light switches not always responding, so zigbee2mqtt got an update as well.

Still seeing odd errors on startup with the smoke alarms but they are reporting so no idea what's causing that.

So hopefully tomorrow I'll see if that's changed anything with the lights. If not then I'll have to have another think wtf is happening

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An update: This morning the lights now work 🎉

Every light switch is responded to immediately. No having to press multiple times to get it to work.

So it seems to be NodeJS as I had 12 installed and zigbee2mqtt needed 14 as a minimum, so put 16-LTS on to the controller and that seems to have finally fixed it.

Even the living room light which did a funky blink when it turned on now turns on smoothly

@peter something very worrying about having to upgrade node to have your lights work reliably! :(

@Leadegroot Yeah I did chuckle a bit when I realised that 😂

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