What is it with delivery drivers just knocking the door & not the door bell... 😠

Yes I've said this before & it's happened again, only knew they were there when the cameras triggered.

Parcel left by the door 🤦‍♂️

On a plus side, it helped with debugging an issue the wall touch screens when it triggered 😉

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@peter apparently it's a symptom of their timed workloads. They can't afford to hang around waiting to see if everyone's doorbell works or not, otherwise they get penalised for not turning around enough deliveries for the day.

My expectations have reached the "so long as it's left somewhere sensible or with a neighbour, it's fine" stage.

@TrechNex true but then pressing it and knocking is fine, just that they are not bothering to press it at all.

If it's not working then fine but at least they took a fraction of a second to press a button & knock

@peter Same here, and it is the same drivers that know we have a bell, a big sign on the door saying to use the bell, and know when the knock, wait, and then use bell, we come. The bell button rings bells in two places and flashes lights in bedrooms and hot tub, and so on. Knocking is usually not heard.

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