An interesting read: The road to Zettalinux 🐧

That is a 128 bit Linux Kernel running on 128 bit processors.

Some points it mentions about Rust and int sizes also apply to Go, e.g. int is generic but int8, uint8, int32 & int64 exist so in theory int128 shouldn't be that difficult πŸ˜‰

via nixcraft on twitter

note to self: Start looking into Rust as the next language to learn πŸ“š

@ryan I was going to say one of the Pimoroni setups like but I've noticed their prices have rocketed since I got mine (up by Β£30)

Software is still buggy (but being worked on) & I've yet to get them (got several) talking to HA yet - should have that part solved this weekend

Seems Royal Mail's systems are having a blip...

Just had an email saying they just delivered (well 3 hours ago) a parcel from eBay.

Problem is they delivered it a week ago 😲

@axwax I had noticed the download being available a couple of days ago - just downloaded that version.

Already got it though, on 5.25" disk with original & 6502 second processor versions on it.

@peter Very cool - I hadn't seen that yet!

Frontier are giving away the BBC version of the game together with BeebEm to run it and I installed it earlier today.

I'm currently trying to figure out again how to not crash my ship when docking - I absolutely loved it back in the day on my C64 and got as far as deadly, but that's a little while ago...

In September 1984 the revolutionary game Elite was released by Acornsoft for the Acorn BBC Micro computer. Here's the original promotional VHS video for the game ...

/via computermuseum on twitter


Today is the 40th birthday of the smiley face.



It's lunchtime so I've installed the other tablet by the front door.

This one includes the Ring door bell & front camera in view.

@jonn_blanchard Not 100% but short for pedestal - which is the blanking level in a composite video signal.

This looks like RGB but could still be similar?

@TrechNex true but then pressing it and knocking is fine, just that they are not bothering to press it at all.

If it's not working then fine but at least they took a fraction of a second to press a button & knock

What is it with delivery drivers just knocking the door & not the door bell... 😠

Yes I've said this before & it's happened again, only knew they were there when the cameras triggered.

Parcel left by the door πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

On a plus side, it helped with debugging an issue the wall touch screens when it triggered πŸ˜‰

@jimblimey Yes I did that with the Spectrum a few months back.

I created a tap file then converted to wav, put it onto a cassette then loaded into a 48K spectrum.

I just need to figure it out for the ZX81

@jimblimey I've been using zasm under Linux for Z80, works pretty well on the Spectrum.

Now I've got a ZX81 I might at some point see if I can get it to compile for it - just how to get code onto the 81 will be the tricky part

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