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Yey, audio fixed & video uploaded to YouTube.

Now the long wait for it to process. As it's 4K it can take a few hours...

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Finally getting around to doing a new video for YouTube...

this one will be of the ArduCam 64MP camera module I was testing on Friday...

Right now I'm figuring out why audio is not encoding - it's there just not in the final output 😟

What's your biggest "retro confession"? - We'll be finding out live in 25 mins on
There's also a special quiz and more. Come and hang out with the Cave Dwellers....

For those who want to know, here's the available resolutions:

0 : arducam_64mp [9248x6944] (/base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/arducam_64mp@1a)

Modes: 'SRGGB10_CSI2P' : 1280x720 1920x1080 2312x1736 3840x2160 4624x3472 9152x6944

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Ok seems Mastodon reduces the image size... so here's a closeup of a couple of bits.

First is at 16MP
Second closeup is at 64MP

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Aha, a 64MP image on the Raspberry PI 4B...

Now I need to figure out what the difference is in the commands

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First capture, 4624x3472 pixels...

A bit blurred but might be down to where it's focusing against.

For some reason it can't allocate buffers for 9152x6944 so this isn't the max resolution

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It's lunchtime so trying out one of the new autofocus cameras...

So got a PI4 precariously sitting on a window sill...

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Interesting, due to possibility of next years Eurovision not being held in Ukraine, they are asking the BBC if they can host it...

/via BBC TV News channel just now

NB: accidentally posted this on birdsite first & not here

The 64MP Autofocus cameras from ArduCam have arrived.

Next to get these setup so I'll have more recording options on the bench

Ah, what did the Romans give us?

This item of Graffiti engraved on a stone at Vindolanda Fort, Hadrians Wall, UK.

The obvious drawing of a Penis and the words “Secundinus, the shitter” (translated obviously)

It dates to over 1700 years ago.

OK this is a classic cockup...

According to Microsoft, the Commodore Amiga A1000 ran Internet Explorer going by their animation!

From Birdsite

RT @LinuxJedi

According to Microsoft, the Amiga 1000 ran IE 😆

RT @MicrosoftEdge

To our predecessor: You helped the world explore the internet along with every facet of life. Now, it's time to surf the big web in the sky 🕊

➿ Backup verified fine, took 2.75 hours to read back 😎

Now I just have to remember that tape ARC001L5 contains the NAS backup 😟

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from birdsite RT @Bhaal_Spawn
Happy birthday to the biro 🖊 (1938)!

The biro was patented as a tool designed to wind and rewind the compact cassette.

Famously, the cassette itself suffered delays and was not released until 1964, a full 26 years later.

Lazlo Biro sadly died before he saw his tool put in use.

Ouch, after restoring my NAS last week I did a backup yesterday to tape... ➿

It finally finished this morning taking 22 hours!

It shows how slow NFS on 1GB Ethernet can be, although could be down to read speeds from ZFS as the cache wouldn't be useful in this instance.

It's not the tape as that's on 8Gb fibre-channel & pretty fast.

Now to verify the backup 🤞

I have to say this was a fun bug to fix

Background: On May 24 the core section of the new Elizabeth Line through London finally opened (sans Bond St Station - nobody talks about Bond St).

However, 2 days later it stopped showing.

Finally found that they had changed the CRS codes so they matched the main line stations but my end failed to do the switch over. It's not something that normally changes so it failed.

So a DB rebuild and now they show up 🎉

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