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Just noticed I posted 12.7 - typo it's 12.6 (not had much sleep since Thursday due to work).

Anyhow it's downloaded, took about an hour in the end, even though the timer was going up and down like crazy...

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The Mac's update download times are changing constantly.

At one point it was 45 minutes; then 1 hour; then 1 day, then 7 minutes. Now back to ~38 minutes...

XKCD 612 all over again 🤣

For those using fruity farm based machines, there's 🍏 OS updates available this evening:

* macOS 12.7
* iPadOS 15.7
* iOS 16

All out at the same time so downloads might be a tad slow...

This is why testing is so important... if there's a failure you want the escape system to fire at the correct moment!

This was from about 2 hours ago when Blue Origin had an incident at launch - this flight had no crew onboard

Props to the person who came out to watch the Queen's cortege pass by today from the comfort of what appears to be a Sinclair C5!

via ardavey on twitter

For those who don't know what a Sinclair C5 is, it's an early British battery powered Tricycle produced in 1985 by Sir Clive Sinclair who produced the infamous ZX81 & Spectrum computers

UK, Queen, State Funeral 

A one-minute silence will take place at 20:00 BST on Sunday 18 September - the night before the Queen's funeral.

The prime minister's official spokesman says the silence can be marked "privately at home on your own or with friends and neighbours, out on your doorstep or street with neighbours, or at any locally-arranged community events and vigils".

Bell Labs did a lot of research into the best layout for touch-tone phone keypads, and landed on layout IV-A.

Which would you choose?

Original tweet :

The Magnavox Odyssey, the first commercial home video game console was released 50 years ago this month

electric charging cat road signs 

If you need your cat charging, get down to Morrisons.

From MeNigeStew on twitter

Now this is what I call a find, an 8080 emulator from the mid 1970's

/via matseng on twitter

1/2 The 8080 Emulator arrived today! So far I've opened it up and had a peek inside. It's definitely an active device having an AM9080 CPU. The pod at the end of the 50p cable is a bit mangled and missing an IC. The main PCB is a hybrid wire-wrap and etched traces.

This is loosely based on this, but the code actually in use is based on Pimoroni's Enviro firmware

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That moment when you finally get a spare moment from work to fixing a sensor now you have a working soldering iron...

In other news my freezer is back online... literally

The UK will have a bank holiday on Monday 19 September for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

The bank holiday in honour of Britain's longest-reigning monarch was approved earlier today by King Charles III.

It marks the final stage of a period of national mourning.

World news / war 

In other news, Ukraine has apparently started making some impressive military breakthroughs in their counter-offensive against the Russian invaders.

Not that most of us in the UK are hearing about it, because our media is mostly suspended for monarchy-related programming.

The Queen, UK, Both sides 

This is the entire UK right now summarized in one image

/via Jimllpaintit on twitter

death, hex 

The Queen's lifetime in seconds, in hex, would overflow a 32 bit signed word

And in days, it would overflow a 16 bit signed word

(If you live much past 68, you're in trouble on the first count, and at 90 you're in trouble on the second.)

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