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TrainWatch is now available on Mastodon

To be clear, I'm not moving away from Twitter just expanding it's reach as well as having a second copy of tweets or toots from now on. is my own Mastodon server so I have full control but it is also completely federated with the Fediverse


πŸš†βŒFour London schemes have now been rejected, and the commuter line to St Albans Abbey will not be upgraded after all



Reminder: ⚠🚊 : 48hr strike on tomorrow.
-Tramlink driver ASLEF members will walk out Tuesday 28 + Wednesday 29 (00.01 Tues until 23.59 Wed) in a dispute over pay.
-Expect severe disruption.
β„Ή : +



Glastonbury revellers leaving the festival via castle Cary ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩


Hove train station closed after car smashes into front of building causing significant damage

It was one of the few stations open today.


07:30 Update on Wallyford. Good progress on repairs overnight, but unfortunately the East Coast Mainline between Edinburgh and Berwick-upon-Tweed hasn't reopened though it's imminent. Repairs ongoing to the signalling system, following the HGV destroying a lineside cabinet /1


An alternate example of how fewer services ran yesterday:

Archiving the raw feed data for Monday it took 27 minutes.

This morning archiving Tuesdays raw feeds took 4 minutes.

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A more realistic view is from the TD (Train Describer) feed which shows signal berth movements...

It's way lower than last week.

You can view it live here:

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Comparing traffic in the data feed for Today & Tuesday last week.

It's clearly visible the reduction of services today due to the strike


Update from Rail Delivery Group about the CloudFlare incident taking down their site this morning...

Which was a bit inconvenient due to today's National Rail Strike


Although most of the rail network is closed, we are still showing some services on

We've checked & this is down to some data being received for some services.

This seems to be clearing up at the Darwin side as services are now being removed.

A little bit confusing when the station message states that the stations are closed.


πŸš‚ Please remember to check your last train!

On strike days, there's a very limited service running on lines that are open from around 07:30 until 18:30.

πŸ•‘ You will need to have finished your journey by 18:30.

Find out more info -


Last talks have failed, RMT have stated the Rail Strikes this week are going ahead

/via BBC TV


Due to industrial action affecting our services on 21st, 23rd and 25th June, only travel by rail if necessary. If you do travel, expect severe disruption and plan ahead. Where trains are not running, you will be unable to travel.


Rail and tube strikes will go ahead next week after talks failed to resolve a row over pay, jobs and conditions, union leaders have confirmed.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) said discussions with Network Rail, train operators and London Underground had failed.


British Rail throwing shade at the airline industry back in '85!

πŸ“· 'How to Improve a Plane', British Rail poster, 1985.


An Anglo-Saxon burial ground with 138 graves found along the route of HS2 is one of the largest ever uncovered in the UK.

A skeleton with a weapon embedded in it, jewellery and weapons were among the finds in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.

Evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman activity was also found.

This latest find is being described as rare and of national significance - it's being compared to that of Sutton Hoo.

Also for those using the NREA feed for UK Departureboards, the Elizabeth Line services between London Paddington and Abbey Wood now show up.

They are now attached to the correct stations and not separate ones.

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I've just fixed a minor DB issue with where the reference data was slightly corrupt when the core section of the Elizabeth Line came online.

Something does still seem a bit off as there's one train from Liverpool Street to Abbey wood where Darwin thinks it's going to take nearly 2.5 hours to go from Woolwich to Abbey Wood.

Hopefully after tonight's timetable update it'll pick up the correct details but seems to be just that one.

Map showing the lines Network Rail are expecting to run services during next week's Strikes on 21, 23 & 25th of June.

Services will only run between 07:30 & 18:30 so last trains will start during the afternoon.

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